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Your First Priority As An Online Marketer

Movement within a roundabout in a country wher...

Movement within a roundabout in a country where traffic drives on the left. Note the clockwise circulation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your first priority as an internet marketer is to generate traffic. Everyone having a business online is seeking traffic because it is your life-blood. Without traffic your business will be stagnant and will not make money.

You will have your website or blog ready to go, but no one will know where you are or how to find you on the internet without traffic. So, as you proceed you will find that getting traffic is going to be your number one priority, forever!

A list will allow you to generate money on demand or at will. Therefore, you are going to build your list of prospects early on. This is where you will collect names into your autoresponder series through which you will be able to broadcast messages to your list about your various products and/or services.

By building a list of prospects now you will gather perhaps thousands of customers that you will be able to offer your products and services to. You can offer all of your products including affiliate products to this list of buyers, thus increasing your sales and profits and making money on demand.

I am sure you have heard the saying, “the money is in the list.” It is true and it is the way that all of the top money producers earn a living online. Once you have established your list you will always have someone to market your products to.

And because they have already become familiar with you, whether or not they have ever bought from you at all, you will have established some form of trust and credibility with them, making it easier for them to buy from you.

Further, if a person has given you their email address they are essentially letting you know that they want to hear from you. So why not take advantage of the opportunity and begin marketing your products to them right away?

They are interested in what you have to offer and are more likely to purchase your offer. And one of the major advantages is that as your list grows you will be able to make your offers to your list over and over again by using your autoresponder software to contact them via email.

Building your list will increase sales conversions and profits from your business simply because you have an established relationship with your subscribers. The major reason a person will buy from you is because they trust you. And your subscribers have already established this trust relationship.

If you have a list, you have customers, and this will allow your business to have a life of its own and essentially create an income on auto-pilot. People who have taken the time to build a decent list become one of the top 1% of earners online.

Once you have built your list you will have a very valuable asset that you will be able to charge others for. You will be able to charge other marketers for sending solo ads or other forms of marketing material to your list. This creates another source of income for you!

Click here for a free autoresponder that will help you build your list fast. This autoresponder is free of charge and will allow you to set up your squeeze page so that you will be able to begin collecting email addresses and building your list right away.

Most people are not building a list which is a major contributor of online failure. It is so very important to build your list as it will propel your success forward as an internet marketer. By building your list you will be ahead of the pack with the awesome advantage of being able to make money immediately in a single day when you send an offer to your established list of subscribers.

Concentrate on building a list more than any other endeavor. Instead of going after this new shiny program and that one, build your list. Become one of the top 1% of earners online today by getting started now on building a list that will bring you profits year after year.

Here are 4 secrets to a successful list building program according to the Aweber Blog, who offers one of the leading online services:

Offers an incentive to sign up
Emphasizes the value of your information
Works on building the relationship
Gives the subscriber the incentive to stay

When you set up your autoresponder series concentrate your efforts on the 4 secrets to a successful list building program and you will definitely be on your way towards success.

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The Hottest Tip For The Newbie Marketer

Most marketers come online in today’s market seeking an opportunity to supplement their incomes. However, once online the main ingredient for success is often out of reach for the beginning internet marketer.

They are generally bombarded with so much information overload that they do not know where to start nor what it takes to become a successful online entrepreneur.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not such an easy task to make a living online. There are many people who have been online for many years who have not experienced the sweet taste of success.

Of course, there are those who have managed to eke out a living online, yet even for most it has not been an easy task. And, many entrepreneurs who have managed to make a living online have been hit recently by the latest Google Panda and Penguin algorithm.

The new algorithm has placed many online entrepreneurs in a position where they are now making little to no money online while many of them are desperately tring to recover and recoup their losses. They have been essentially ‘Google slapped,’ and are victims of the notorious, ‘Google Dance.’

It only stands to reason that if you have veterans…experienced online marketers clamoring for answers as to how to make a living online, what chance does the beginning online marketer have?

There are many things that a new marketer needs to know, and most of it will unfortunately be discovered through trial and error. Sadly enough, most’newbies’ think that they will be able to go online and within 30 days or so have a business that will be up and running and in profit.

However, there are two main factors that a beginning marketer should be aware of. The first being that it takes money to make money. If you were in a brick-and-mortar offline business it would require investment dollars. And quite a few more investment dollars than an online business. So, put aside funds to invest in your online business.

You can implement free marketing techniques of course, but do not depend entirely on free marketing techniques. Once you have a little to invest spend wisely and invest in tools (software) and not this HOT new program and the next. Stay focused!

The second, and the most crucial and outstanding factor a new marketer fails to realize is that growing a list of prosepective customers is key to both short-term and long-term financial online success. If a beginning marketer realizes at the start that the most important thing they could do is build their list day in and day out, they would be more successful much sooner, rather than later.

Why? Because your list is your leads and your customers that you have built a trust relationship and credibility with and in which you will be able to email anytime and make money on demand. You will be able to send a mailing to your list in the morning and have cash in hand in the evening.

Yet, most ‘newbie’ marketers skip this step altogether in the beginning because they are naive and interested in the make-money-quick scenario. However, if a new marketer would grasp these concepts early on in their internet marketing career and incorporate it into their business plan daily, they will be among the 1% of successful online entrepreneurs in the shortest amount of time.

This article The Hottest Tip For The Newbie Marketer is brought to you by Internetmarketingarc

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