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With the state of the economy, and the current high unemployment rate, I would imagine that there are a lot of people looking to make a living online. However easy it may appear, making money online is generally not an easy task.

I have been visiting the newbie internet marketing forums recently and the main thing that I have noticed is that they do not have a clue as to how or where to begin marketing their products, and services nor do they have a clue as to what to market.

The second thing that I have noticed is that they do not understand that it takes trial and error, research and hard work to become successful as an internet marketer.

Many believe that they can go online and promote a product and within 30 days or so realize a profit. For most, it just does not happen that way. It would be nice if it did. However, if that were the case most of the workforce in the United States and abroad would not have outside employment. They would just go online and start generating cash!

The bottom line is that there are a few things that must be done in order to begin making money online with internet marketing. Here are a few tips that I would like to offer the newbie as well as the experienced marketer:

1. Research is key in everything you do online. If you are promoting an affiliate product, you must research to make sure that the owner of the affiliate program has a record of paying on a regular basis and of course you must do the research to find out how much you will earn per sale.

You have to research the products and services that you are most interested in offering. Make sure that they are products that you would purchase yourself. Your enthusiasm is your best sales tool. Make sure to research anything that you decide to purchase online as well.

You must research the many areas of marketing. If you have a product or service you must research the way in which you will market your product. This includes whether or not you will use a link building program, article marketing, social networking, classified ads, forum marketing, other free marketing resources or paid advertising. Don’t forget that you have the most awesome research tool right at your fingertips. The internet!

2. Experiment. You must experiment with the various marketing techniques in order to see which ones fit your particular business model.

3. Make sure that you incorporate a variety of marketing techniques into your marketing plan. This is often referred to as your marketing mix.

For example, if you choose writing articles as one of your marketing strategies you could then incorporate submitting your article not only to the article directories, but also to social bookmarking sites, then to a forum. That covers 3 marketing strategies. That would be considered your marketing mix for your articles.

However, you must incorporate various marketing mixes into your plan of action. Once you see which combinations work best you will then be able to refine and perfect your marketing techniques and well as your marketing skills.

4. Build your list. It is a great idea to begin building your list from the very beginning of your online marketing career.

There will be some expense required for an auto-responder which you will need in order to build your list, but it is well worth it because you will be able to offer up-sells or other products to the customers that you have established trust and credibility with. Consider them your prospects or leads.

5. Stay focused. That is a major key factor in keeping to what you set out to do online. I think everyone faces this dilemma.

If you set out to write an article, or to post to forums on a particular day, don’t get side- tracked by the many distractions on the internet. It is so easy to go to your email box to confirm a link, and get side tracked on an ad and to momentarily set your attention elsewhere.

Internet marketing takes patience, determination, research and enthusiasm for your dream. Never give up on your dream because if you can dream it, you can achieve it. And make sure you dream big!

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